Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On Amy Glass

The Interwebs are flooded with noise as a result of Amy Glass's blog post about motherhood being an "average" achievement for women.  Yep, yep, let's all get up in arms about Glass blasting stay at home moms for doing "nothing." Go for it, state your case, argue, argue, argue.

But first, read the post, and find that her thoughts about successful women not falling in love are also cause for alarm.

Glass argues that women can work and be mothers, but only if the mothers have an "easy to moderate" job.  Uhm, I'm sorry?  Women should not be praised for being stay at home moms, but we also cannot be both moms and have successful careers?


I know moms who are wine makers, teachers, professional photographers, psychologists, college professors, nurses, doctors...the list goes on for days. We work twenty hours or forty or sixty, and our kids not only survive but thrive.  They are intelligent, engaged, creative little humans. Our husbands support us. They learn to cook and fold laundry. They do daycare pick-up and take care of baby bath time routines.

Together, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, build partnerships.

Glass is right.  Women can't have successful careers AND partners who refuse to contribute to the care of a home and the raising of children. Yes, that's right I said it.  Women who choose both a career and motherhood need to marry strong partners.

And what's wrong with that?

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