Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Fast

In the past few weeks, our life has been filled, happily, with an array of visitors, events, errands, and more that have taken away my focus on running.

Last summer, full of the energy that comes from not working for eight weeks, I set some goals for myself.  And apparently, almost a year has passed, and those goals are coming due, but I am not yet the fast runner I want to be.  

Now that things have (sort of) settled down, I need to reaffirm my commitment.  Okay, that's just fancy language for needing to get my act together because I've registered for a bunch of races this summer, and I don't want to collapse as I run them.

I have written about running across various platforms (check out all the links in the Running Mama Lion section of this blog) and will continue writing with a goal of motivating myself and inspiring others.  

In addition, I've become a Sweat Pink Ambassador through Fit Approach and updated my twitter handle to @runningmamalion to show a public commitment to running and fitness. (I've also updated my Instagram name to @roaringmamalion, so that I can have consistency across social media, yay me).

After chasing my two-year-old (seriously, how did that happen?) around a birthday party and an amusement park this weekend, I know that I need to be strong and healthy for him, even if sometimes taking care of myself means leaving him with his grandparents or his daddy.  I'll be a happier, healthier mama, better able to follow the irresistible requests of, "Run, Mama!" and "More fast!"

Let's do this. Let's roar like lionesses!

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