Saturday, November 22, 2014

Morning Person

When I first went back to work when my son was just barely 14 weeks old (I'm grateful I got that long...I know far too many moms who hand unwillingly hand over a six-week-old to a daycare provider), I knew I would miss mornings.

Little man is a total morning person - by nighttime, he is quite often a melty mess, and everyone in the house, including the dog, is more than ready for bedtime.

In the mornings, though, everyone, including the dog, who is always the first living creature into his room in the morning, is ready for some fun.  Ari generally wakes up in a good mood, and even on his rare rough mornings, the worst complaint he has is, "I want to stay in my jammies."

It's been two years since I have had to return to work, and I still miss those long, quiet mornings.

Still, I get to go into Ari's room first in the morning, and in addition to smiles and hugs, I am treated to some of his best quotes first thing in morning.

As we head into Thanksgiving and a glorious nine mornings together with no reason to get quickly out of jammies, here a few of my favorite Ari Morning Quotes.

  • Upon waking up after several weeks of having a cold, "Mommy, don't talk about my boogers."
  • Waking up, the last few days, "Oh, I'm waking up!"
  • After having a babysitter put him to bed, "Where is Hillaly? We had fun. She made me a hot dog."
  • When spending the night in a hotel room, "Mommy? Mommy? I want to go in your bed." And then he climbs out of the pack and play and (creepily) shows up right by the side of my bed, then proceeds to kick me for the next hour.
  • After his first night in a bed with big blankets, "Where is Donkey? I can't find Donkey! Mommy, Donkey is hiding. Oh, there he is."
  • When he woke a few minutes earlier than I was ready to admit, "Mommy, I was calling you, and you did not come."
  • "Mommy, I'm awake. Turn the light on." Light turns on. "Oh, that's too much. Turn on the little light."
  • Upon learning that his G.G. will arrive soon from Oklahoma, "Will she bring her dog?" (her dog weighs approximately 65 pounds and is scared of...a lot...but maybe, just maybe, one day Ari will convince that dog to get on a plane and come visit).
  •  When he remembers that waking up means eating breakfast, "Oooooh, Mommy. I want GRAPES."
  • On those days when he knows he needs a little extra motivation, "Mommy, sing the 'Good Morning, Ari' song."
  • The morning after he got a monster truck handed down from him from a big, elementary school boy, "Mommy! I want to go to the wirring room and play with my monster truck!" He says a lot of things right, but living room is not one of them.
That's my boy. I love his excitement, "Ohhh, I'm waking up!" And I know that I should strive to have that same level of enthusiasm for each new day. I want this sweet boy to keep his passion for life, his excitement for each new day...and it's true what I sing to him in the morning, he is the best thing that's happened to me, and I need to remember that and focus on what matters most, the gift of a new day.

I also really need to remember these sweet words when my son is driving me batty...

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