Friday, June 12, 2015

A New(born) Training Program

Since my son was born three years ago, I've hit the training circuit fast and heavy. I've dropped over thirty minutes from my 13.1 time. I've run a 7:30 mile (once, around a track, but 8th graders were watching, so it means something). I'm this close to a sub-60-minute 10k. 

And I need to slow it all down.

I have a newborn (again), and that brings my total number of tiny humans to two. Then there's the poor dog who never gets any attention (that's pretty much a lie...) and the husband who does not wish to share all weekends with three hours of training runs.

My life is going to look different from here on out, and how I train, and what I train for, is going to change.

There are plenty of moms who train at a much higher intensity level than I do, but the simple fact is...I don't want to anymore.

I would rather do this:

Than this:

I'm signed up for a half-marathon in a few weeks. It'll be about 16 weeks since having my daughter, and, for the first time, I have no time goal.  An old friend says she plans to walk/run the event (I won't even call it a "race," because I won't even be racing against myself), and that sounds spectacular.

This summer, and perhaps forever, my training will involve long walks around the neighborhood carrying a baby. Or slow strolls to the park, while my son rides his bike.  Of course, in the fall, training will stretch to include some pretty intense family hikes as we look for porcini and other awesome fall treats. 

I want my training to enhance my life, not become my life. 

I know that some dedicate their hearts and souls to running.

I wish to lead a healthy, fit life. I'm a #fitmom, I believe #healthywifehappylife, and I also believe that my fitness needs and goals and the needs of my family are not mutually exclusive.

The demands of work have increased in the past years, my son is too big for the jogger - so running means spending time away from him, and there is the small problem that my daughter absolutely hates the BOB (I'm hoping this is temporary problem, because, training aside, that BOB pushes like buttah...).

So, how do I train? I lace up my sneakers, pop the baby in the carrier (it fits right, if I can kiss the top of her head), and off we go.

How do I train? I ask my son if he wants to ride with his sister, put both kiddos in the double stroller (not a jogger...), and we go check out the sites and maybe hit Starbucks on the way home...

How do I train? I shove my feet into my Merrell hiking boots, convince a whiney three-year-old that you love hiking, remember!?, and prepare to inhale the scents of the forrest.

That's how I train.

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