Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Water Marbles For the Win

In this first summer with two kids, I've worked to be a bit creative. Thanks to a very supportive network of family, friends, and preschool, Little Dude has been occupied for three days a week without much intervention from me. He's taken gymnastics lessons, gone to the zoo, started to learn to swim, and even ridden a few roller coasters.

We do have lots of time at home, though, and I've explored the glories of Pinterest. I have two favorite activities so far, and today I'll tell you about Water Marbles, the gift that keeps on giving.

I ordered these environmentally friendly water marbles from Amazon, then stuck them in a drawer for just the right day.

Yesterday was that day. We were home. It was warm. And we were practicing potty training - the perfect opportunity for some outdoor swim time!

Mid-morning, we started with 1 teaspoon of the beads, plopped them into water, and after naptime, we had a perfect bowlful of bouncy balls. Little Dude felt them slip through his fingers, examined the colors, watched them drop and bounce away, giggled as he tried to catch them.

And then we put them in the pool!

Oh, what fun!

They slipped and slid and felt funny on little toes.

And now we have a beautiful jar of them...and about 98% of the bag left for when we want to make more.

I really enjoyed this sensory activity, and it was something quick that we could do together. (minus needing to plan 6 hours ahead to make sure the balls are ready for play).

Have a blast y'all!

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