Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wear Clothes That Fit

I originally wanted to title this, "BUY Clothes That Fit," but I realized that doesn't necessarily work for everyone.  It doesn't matter if you fill your closet with brand new shiny clothes, what matters is that you wear clothes that fit.

So, here we go.

I actively despise going shopping.  Shoes - eh, I sound obnoxious as I talk my way out of 90% of shoes because they "just don't feel right."  Jeans - my proportions are not often in keeping with any designer's ideas of what should actually be a so-called "size." I have a little waist, a bigger bootie (apparently, I'm not supposed to describe it as "Oakland" or anything close to that #becausewhitegirl, but it is...bubbly), and then...athletic...thighs. Jeans do not like me. Low-rise jeans showed up way too late to save me from an adolescence of baggy pants. And shirts? Who is that small AND has giant boobs? Surely not everyone who shops at Banana Republic?

So...yeah. Shopping and I do not mix well.

I need both of my children, and especially my daughter, to see me have a healthy relationship with my body and my appearance, in general.

I've been shoving, yanking, and pulling on clothes that don't fit. Some don't fit because my body after two kids is different than my body before kids. Some probably never fit.  Some are too big. Some are too small. Some just don't fit my style or personality anymore.

Some don't fit with the fact that everyone around me has started dressing better.

My colleagues. My husband. My mom. Everyone has upped their game a bit.  Maybe it's the economy. Maybe it's that I teach middle school, and middle schoolers have many thoughts and opinions on fashion. Maybe it's everyone flooding Instagram with their #ootd. Maybe it's months of interrupted sleep not treated with caffeine, but, this year, I became more aware that I needed to put effort into my clothing.

And I did.

Not knowing quite how to get started, I asked for Stitch Fix gift cards for my birthday and Christmas. I don't know about you, but I actually love surprises - I used to be a bit obsessed with those $5 grab bags at the Hello Kitty store, and Stitch Fix (and the other similar programs out there) is pretty much like that, but with pretty, pretty clothes.  The first month, thanks to the gift cards, I kept every item chosen for me - a great blue top, a black dress easily dressed up or down, jean capris, a lovely white sweater.  In between shipments, I updated my Pinterest Mom Fashion Board and left feedback for my "stylist" about why I liked the great blue top so much. The comments from my stylist in the next "fix" let me know she had paid attention to my feedback and my Pinterest board. With my second "fix," I sent back the leggings that fit like a glove (more on that later) and the shoes that didn't, but I kept the sundress and the two tops that fit both my fashion style and my lifestyle.

I enjoyed the experience and the customized outfits so much that I reached out to Stitch Fix and asked about other ways to be involved with their company. They invited me to join their "Influencer" Program - and that's where the handy dandy link will take you. 

And I walked a little taller each time I wore a piece that fit well.  I noticed I pulled on the edges of my shirts less - they fit my torso well, and I wasn't self-conscious about my skin showing.  My students complimented me. My husband noticed me putting in a bit more effort. My son tells me that I look pretty.  My heart's all aflutter, and I'm a better teacher, mom, and wife because of it. I finally took a moment to take care of myself, and it's made a huge difference.

I followed up the few Stitch Fix pieces with the leggings (and more) that are taking over the world from LuLaRoe ( see why the $75 leggings from Stitch Fix weren't a keeper). I've bought shirts, dresses, skirts, and leggings, all that are work and play appropriate and that, I kid you not, have me thinking, "How can I look this good and feel so comfortable?"

It was time.  I purged all the ill-fitting skirts (the ones that ride up, turn around backwards, or are far too short for me anymore).  We had a multi-family garage sale and out went the shrunken t-shirts, the shoes I don't understand how to wear, the pants that make me feel frumpy.  I donated what didn't sell. 

I started fresh.

And I feel like a brand new person.

Can you try it, too? Even if you can't re-populate your closet, can you clear it of all the dead weight? The jeans that make you feel like you grew two inches overnight? Bye. The dress with the missing buttons that only works if you can find a safety pin? Adios.

Feeling unsure? Ask your partner, your mom, your best friend, your kids...have them help you clear out what just isn't working, anymore. 

Trust me. You'll feel all shiny and new.

If you do it - if you clear out the yucky clothes or you set yourself up with clothes that move the right way on your body - let me know! Comment here. Or tag me on Instagram!

Let's inspire each other to feel comfortable in our bodies again.

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  1. I have been thinking about giving Stitch Fix a try. It would be so nice to basically have a personal stylist without leaving your house. Haha


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