Friday, January 27, 2017

What You Say at Your Mother's Funeral

My mama did not believe she was worthy of love.  A few bits of her history confirmed that, in her mind, over and again. I tried to teach her otherwise. So did my dad.  We loved her through it.

If she couldn't believe in her own worth, she made sure no one else ever felt that way.

She let me know, all the time, how much she loved me.  Sometimes that kind of love is too much to carry, but it makes me who I am. And I am grateful.

I know I can do anything. She told me so.

And she's always right.

There are people here she fought to save.

People she fought with.

People who fought for her.

She fought.

All the time.

With everyone and everything.

She operated at angry.

Calm down, Sabine.

Mommy, it's okay.

But she wanted what was, what is, right.

What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular.

Her students should - her students better - remember that.

She did not live for popularity.

And look at all of you here, loving on her.

My mama lived and died on her own terms.

She stood and fought at every turn.

And when she couldn't stand, she made certain we were all ready to do it for her.

Calm down, Sabine.

Mommy, it's okay.

We've got this.

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