Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In Which We Whisper, "Happy Birthday."

I recently had a birthday, and at the end it, I felt loved and happy.

This is big, because in past years, I would have an annual freak out about turning a year older. I would put pressure on everyone around me and on the day itself.  What do you mean the sushi restaurant isn't open? It's my BIRTHDAY. Why does this happen to meeeeeee?

With a toddler, my priorities have shifted, and I have to at least masquerade as an adult, which means no birthday freak out and over-emphasizing the day. I had the day off work thanks to the school schedule, so my birthday went like this:

  • Up at 6:30 a.m. with an energetic, bright eyed boy and a feisty dog.
  • Walk for a couple of miles in the cold with said bright eyed boy and feisty dog
  • Gymnastics with the boy
  • Lunch with my mom
I'm going to pause right there.  This boy went to sleep for three hours. Do you have any idea what a mom can do in three hours?

Those three hours were the BEST GIFT EVER. On any other day, I would have tried to do chores, or answer email, or pay bills, but folks, it was MY BIRTHDAY.  So....
  • I read my book
  • I took a nap (ah, the bliss of uninterrupted sleep on a fall afternoon)
  • I drank a mint hot chocolate
  • I gave the dog some much needed attention
Later, family came over, and we had a meal - a meal that had to quickly be adjusted from Thai Food (why are all the Asian restaurants closed on Monday?) to Italian.  We ate like prisoners, as usual, though with company over, the boy decided he could eat in the fancy high chair after all (another fun birthday gift). After the boy went to sleep, my family whisper-sang "Happy Birthday" to me...because who we all know that you don't wake a sleeping baby.

Oh, how times have changed, when a great birthday involves a nap, a book, and a whispering family.

I keep coming back to this though, the boy napped for three hours. Best Birthday Ever.

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