Sunday, November 24, 2013

Planes, Trains, and, Nope...Just Planes

In the next 30 days, we will spend 20 hours on a plane.

With an 18 month old.

We are going to spend 20 hours on a plane with an 18-month-old who cannot sit still for more than ten minutes.

And, until now, we have been those parents who don't let their child watch television.

This is not good.

We have decided, then, to start introducing some t.v. to see if there is even the remotest possibility that our child can sit still.

Here's what happened so far.

1. He screams with joy and runs to the television when we turn on Veggie Tales.

2. He bops up and down to the music, then turns and run-jump-skips over to play with his tractor.

We repeated steps one and two with a few other videos. We got sucked into re-watching Avatar. We stared open-mouthed at The Magic School Bus. My husband and I are expert t.v. watchers, but our son isn't (which, of course, is what we wanted before the month of flights).

Everything was a dead end...until we discovered the ONLY THING ON VIDEO that will maintain my son's interest (he even provides sound effects as he watches).

Twenty hours of flights, people. Twenty hours.

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