Thursday, January 12, 2017

31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge: Day 3, Connecting with Your Authentic Self

Today, I am supposed to stand in front of a mirror and say good things to myself.

Someone - my mom, maybe? Perhaps my grandmother? - told me that if I stared too long in the mirror, I would get sucked in.

That’s okay. I didn’t much like looking in the mirror anyway.

I can’t promise that I’ll look in the mirror and say good things to myself.

We returned to work this week after a three week break.  Fabulous. I get to return my regular schedule of feeling inadequate as a daughter, mother, wife, friend, AND teacher. Awesome.

Maybe today isn’t the day to say nice things to myself about myself.

I’m struggling.

I am stressed about getting out the door on time (I have a funny post about the reasons I’m never on time rolling around in my head - spoiler: it has nothing to do with not respecting you). I am stressed about giving my children what they need, about being patient with my husband, about maintaining relationships with family and friends while daintily navigating each relationship’s special politics and rules, and about doing my job well.

Maybe today, it is enough to tell myself that I am trying.

Today, it is enough to say that I am trying.

It is enough to say that I am trying.

It is enough.

I am trying.

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