Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Love Yourself (31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge - Days 1 & 2)

Do you need a way to respect and fulfill yourself during this gray season? Join me in the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge.  At first I only posted in the Facebook group, but I decided that I want to hold myself accountable, share my writing, and also encourage you to join along with me - feel free to share your posts with me in the comments!

That said, please forgive the long post as I catch myself up here!

The first challenge?

SLD Tip 1

Dear God,

I seek your guidance and support as I continue my journey to find my balance, my purpose, and my ability to focus on what matters most.

I pray that I may find the strength to say “No,” even when the offer seems really tempting.

I believe that I must walk away from the temptation of more money, knowing that always comes with an additional price.

I pray that I may grant myself grace when I make an error and allow myself the opportunity to start fresh each day.

I pray that I may be patient with myself, my husband, and my children..

I pray that I may learn to let go and not see harm in what others may see or do or take offense where none is intended.

I pray for the ability to focus on one task at a time and not get distracted or tempted by other opportunities or tasks.

I pray for the strength to put myself first when needed.

In all of these things, I seek you first and ask for your guidance, strength, support, and grace.

In your name, I pray.


SLD Tip 2 Version 2

This morning, as I drove to work, with my kids content in the backseat (my son had requested that we listen to the radio instead of sing), I let my mind wander. Somehow, I ended up reflecting on an old wound. I felt the irritation rise up in me for something petty, something that can’t change now.

And I realized, it’s like I want to be angry, like I don’t know how to exist without tension.

Sure, I have situations in my life that could cause irritation, but do I have to dwell on them? Do I need to create new ones?

I know what the most loving thing to do for myself isn’t (now, there’s a great sentence).  I have to learn how to exist happy.  What a novel concept!

I have lots of opportunities for new beginnings - I have every new day, at the most basic level. I have the various seasons in my life from the start and end of new school years, of school breaks, of my husband’s busiest work season. I’ve got my birthday. I’ve got New Years. I have Lent.  I have so many opportunities, and the best, most loving thing I can do for myself in any of those moments, is to grant myself grace.

When I kept thinking about why I must feed myself with irritation and anger, I realized that I must focus instead on nourishing myself.  That’s why this particular challenge spoke to me - I need to get back to living and not simply surviving in a crazy busy life.

So? What is the most loving thing I can do right now? I can nourish myself. Before saying yes, I need to ask myself if any new commitment will nourish me.  End of story.

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